10 July 2016

Dumoulin takes Stage 9!

I've been travelling all day and I missed yet another Tour de France stage.  Nothing like being in Europe and not watching the best bike race on the planet!  Below is Tom Dumoulin's winning time and a comparison with our prediction.
  •  Stage 9:  5h 16' 24" (actual), 5h 02' 33" (prediction), 13' 51" fast (-4.38% error)
From what I read, there were thunderstorms at the finish.  Did that slow riders down and lead to the above discrepancy?  Please e-mail me and let me know!  I love it that Dumoulin is from the Netherlands, and I'm in the Netherlands right now!  I'm here for an international research conference.  My student, Chad Hobson, is here, too.  We are checking out the Euro 2016 final while I'm writing this blog post.  Portugal just won it!

Below is Dumoulin's average speed.
  • Stage 9:  9.719 m/s (34.99 kph or 21.74 mph)
Tomorrow is the Tour de France's first rest day.  I'll get our Stage 10 prediction up before tomorrow comes to a close here in the Netherlands.  Until then, we'll be happy with our prediction today.

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